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FYI High Holy Days Servies



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I was reading a blog post from Jew in the City, and found some information that I had been looking for in order to give you. Wondering where to go for The High Holy Days? Click on this website to find services.  You can also contact a Chabad.  Remember, all of us can make a difference.


Please let me know if this in any way helped you find a  service.

Rosh Hashanah: Into the Sea



I wrote this poem inspired by Tashlikh which takes place by a body of water on Rosh Hashanah..


Into the Sea


I stand before You Hashem, my neshama exposed before YOU.

Nothing is hidden from YOU, HASHEM, You see everything.

YOU know all there is to know, You see our souls.

See me, as I cast my sins into the sea, purify me, erase every sin as through it had never been.


I beg You; inscribe me in the Book of Life, for I choose life

To Serve YOU, to be a better human being, to be a better Jew.

You are the Only ONE to ask, The only One fit for this task.

YOU are King of everything; everything there ever was is or will be.

Creator of human beings, the World and its Surroundings

You are King and there is No OTHER


There will Never be another.

HASHEM, Father of Compassion

I ask, I beg, I plead, Purify my soul, and inscribe me in the Book of Life, to serve YOU with love as a better Human being, and as a better Jew.


High Holy Days: self-improvement and HASHEM’s Love



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I was so disappointed to miss Selichot services after Shabbos this week.  Simply put Selichot are special prayers for forgiveness as the month of Elul begins to close.  The time period of these services usually begins the Sunday very early morning hours before Rosh Hashanah.  These prayers are about committing to do better and be better in the upcoming year.  I know I have been talking about self improvement all month.  So, what sets the time period for selichot apart from the rest of the month of Elul?  I believe the answer lies in urgency.  Yes, it’s true we should use all of the days in the month of Elul to prepare for the High Holy Days but I believe that Selichot is a warning, a signal, a reminder that Rosh Hashanah.  is quickly approaching and Yom Kippur is not far behind it.  These prayers serve as yet another opportunity for forgiveness and personal growth. 


I was sitting in Shul, Synagogue Saturday morning, listening to the rabbi speak when I realized that  after midnight Selichot services would  begin.  My breath caught and I thought to myself, I have a problem. Depending on how you look at it these services are either very late into the night or very early in the morning.  This particular service was scheduled for 1 AM.  Of course, another service was scheduled later in the morning for those who would be sleeping through this service.  I knew I could not be at Shul at 1AM in the morning and that I had conflicts later in the morning making it impossible for me to make it to the second service.  I really didn’t want to miss this; after all, I have been writing about self improvement and digging deep in my own Teshuvah, repentance process.  What was I to do?  I asked a rabbi who understood there was no way for me to make it to either Selichot service.  He told me that I didn’t have to be there, I told him, I know that but I really want to be there.  I wanted to know what a person like me who knew she could not be at a service could do to make up for it.  The idea that I didn’t have to attend these services and I would still be all right should have made me feel a lot better, but it didn’t. I felt terrible I knew that this rabbi was right but I still chose to look up the subject in a very handy and user friendly book entitled Halichos Bas Yisrael   A Woman’s Guide to Jewish Observance Volume II published by Feldheim. 


All week I felt as if I did something terrible by not attending these services, then yesterday I was writing something on a different subject matter, I got frustrated because the word count wasn’t exactly as it should have been.  For a brief moment, I thought to myself, I failed, I can do nothing right but then, thank G-d, the knowledge that Hashem loves me and all human beings, and all the creatures He created, hit me once again, like a lightning bolt, at exactly the right time.  Preparation for the High Holy Days, self improvement, and personal growth are of extreme importance.  However, yesterday when I was writing and it wasn’t going the way I wanted it to, I lost sight of the fact that if I make a mistake, or a project I am working on doesn’t come out exactly they way I want it to, It doesn’t mean that I am a failure.  Yes, I missed the service last week and even though I was told that I was free from the obligation, I felt it was a mistake but I am trying, I am working on my Teshuvah process and Hashem knows it.  Hashem wants us to come close to Him, we should never forget the reason He wants us to come close to Him is because He loves us.

He knows that we can do better and wants us to have faith that we can. He is aware we are imperfect and loves us despite our imperfections.

May the New Year bring you all blessing upon blessing!

Gossip: This Shabbos September 20 Speech awareness


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I was informed a few days ago that this coming Shabbos, September 20, 2008 is National Lashon Hara awareness Day. Simply put, Lashon Hara is gossip. It is a mitzvah, a commandment to avoid this, and there are many laws of proper speech which I will write more about at another time. I thank the person for sending me this important news and for knowing that it would be good for me to have a laugh at the same time. You will see what I mean when you click on this site below. You will see the face of a very funny and famous man. Click on the face and the video will begin to play.  Let’s all be mindful and careful about the words that leave our mouths.









Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur: The Call to Self-Improvement Part 2



Hello Blog Readers,



We are still in the Hebrew month of Elul, the Seventeenth day of Elul to be exact and preparations for the New Year, Rosh Hashanah and the day of repentance Yom Kippur are well underway.  If you feel you have gotten off to a slow start, or have not started at all as of yet, don’t worry.  It is alright, you still have time.  As I said previously in Rosh Hashanah the call to self improvement, the month of Elul is a special time for prayer.  This is not to say that once the month of Elul passes, the doors of prayer are closed.  The doors of prayer are never closed.  Hashem, G-d, always listens.  My personal interpretation is that the month of Elul is a time that G-d pays extra attention to what our prayers are. I asked you to examine, as I am examining the answers to some questions including what it is you want out of life Some of you may be thinking, that is very nice but how do I ask for what I want, and how do I know what it is that I truly desire? I. can’t give you all the answers and I will never claim to be able to but I can give you some suggestions based on my own experience.


  If you have an idea of what you want, sit in a quiet room and write these things down.  Don’t be concerned with how silly you think some of the things you write might be, write until you feel you can’t write anymore about what you want or think you want.  Then read through your list, depending on how long the list took, you might want to leave it for awhile, before you go over it.  This all depends on how tired you feel.  When you read through the list, ask yourself if every goal is important.  If you read something you find to be unimportant or superficial put a line through it.  Read through your list a second time to make sure that everything on it is a goal you wish to accomplish. 


In the case you need to ask for help knowing what you want, I suggest that when you have time you go into a room by yourself,  it must be a room where you can have privacy. Once you find this place, get comfortable and begin to talk.  No, you will not get a verbal answer, but this exercise may give you an answer, all the same.

  When I am feeling confused I do this. The best time I find is at night when everyone is sleeping, I think, and then I start talking until the situation I am dealing with begins to become less confusing to me. I pray to G-d without asking him anything yet.  I just pour out my heart, like I would with a best friend who is greatly trusted.  This communication process helps me to understand myself in ways I don’t think I could otherwise. It makes me feel that Hashem is very near.


Rosh Hashanah is a time we can allow ourselves to return to Hashem and during the month of Elul Hashem is begging us to come closer to him, to return to him and to what is most important in life. Sometimes a person can’t find the words to express all that they feel.  In this situation, I look up at the ceiling or sky and say “Hashem, there is so much I want to say to you but the only word I can think of is Help”.   Just saying that one little word, “Help” helps me with whatever situation I am in.  Again, I do not get a verbal response, and the problem may not be immediately solved, but I can feel a difference many times the instant that I do this.


Over the years, I have heard some stories of married couples renewing their wedding vows.  These couples have been together for years and have barely been separated since the beginning of their married life and love each other.  These couples were all already legally married.  So why did they choose to renew vows?  They did this act because they have deep love for each other.  It was important to these couples that they express that love and commitment in front of people but most importantly in front of each other.  These couples promised to be good spouses and to be better spouses than they had been over the years.   Rosh Hashanah is a time that we can very effectively, through a process, recommit ourselves to Hashem, and make new commitments to him to be better people who have better relationships with him and the important people in our lives.  Hashem brings himself closer to us and we help to bring ourselves closer to him during this time.  This is why the month of Elul is a particularly special time for prayer. Elul is often the right time for our heartfelt prayers to be answered with a yes.


911 September 11 2001 New York
September 11, 2008, 1:44 am
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I wrote this poem a few days after 9/11/2001


May the memory of all those killed be a blessing.








I am overcome with emotions.  I wish I could hide.  But, all I can do is run.  Run like the wind.  Let the wind carry me away as it carries a dove’s light feather.


But, where do I run to, where do I hide to escape the fear and sadness inside?  I am in the fiery pit, how this happened I can not tell.  Fire balls seem to follow me where ever I go, I can not escape the heat.


It was a beautiful day in one small moment everything has changed.  The sky that was once the richest purest blue is now red orange flames that can not be contained.  Nothing will ever be the same.


I am standing in the place I call home yet I feel bitterly cold and alone.

 My legs feel like stone.


People fill the streets we can all hear our heartbeats beating like heavy drums.  We hear the ground grumble as another strong tower falls to the ground like a domino.  It makes a horrible sound like no other I have heard. As if the earth opened up and swallowed us whole.


I fall to the ground.  It’s as if the world has stopped dead.  Everything but the pounding drum of my own heart.  The silence is  crurl and not even the sharpest of knives can cut through.


I must get up; I must survive the terror I feel inside. I feel weak, I can not speak.  My voice at this moment feels as cold as ice on the coldest of days.


Someone comes by and takes me by the hand, he looks dazed and confused he doesn’t understand.  I know how he feels because I feel the same way.  The sky is covered with a blanket of thick black and gray.


I hear another plane; do I dare look up at the sky?  Are we all going to die?  I am surrounded by cries that say please get us through this, I don’t want to die today, not this way.


Ash and papers seem to fly like a plane in the sky.  I wonder can the whole world hear my cries, hear the piecing screams, hear the battle cry of this great New York City.


They are cries that say where is my Mother?

Where is my father?

My sister, my brother, my husband my wife?

Who will take care of my children, who will tuck them in tonight?  Who will tell them the monsters can’t get them in the dead of night, and everything will be alright?


My legs are so numb they feel like hard stone, but I must go on, I must get through this  darkness and flames.  Death seems to engulf me like a thick black cloud of endless smoke.  I feel like I am going to chock.  I can taste and smell the bitterness of it as I pray.  I must not fall into the subway.


I can hear death; I can see it all too clear.

My best friend I know is in the world Trade Center is she Ok I pray.  On this day we get a glimpse true agony, darkness, fear, and despair.


I can not get through I can not see.  Who could commit such a deed?  Who hates like a disease, a pelage that spreads across the land destroying everything in sight. Hate is such a pointless, dark occupation.  Why don’t some people know that to be true?  Don’t they learn anything?


Will our lugs ever breathe the fresh air of life again?  My feet hurt.  I am overcome with icy blue pain and shock it surges through my body like the blue green lightning of a storm.  I can barely walk.  I can no longer speak for the words I can not find.  Today will forever be frozen in my mind.


This is not my home, it can not be.  This is a battle field where brave will die trying to save lives.  I don’t even know which way to go, which way to turn.  I am lost, lost in my own home.  My home has turned in to a war zone.  The city I love so much is coved with ash and dust.


Will this day ever end or will it be endless go on forever?  What will we do after today; will we ever see the light of day?  Will this fear ever go away?  I see day break it’s getting closer.


I made it through today, the sky looks so empty I don’t know what to say.  The city with the most beautiful skyline of lights is now darker than the darkest night.


Will we ever see the warm golden sun drinking up our tears, calming our fears, soaking up our pain, our sorrow?  New York I hear your cries, your tears are mine.  






Brest Cancer Site: Help Women get mammograms
September 9, 2008, 1:04 am
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Hello Blog Readers,


I wasn’t going to post anything else so soon in the week. However, I have some information I don’t think I should wait to share with you. Remember when I wrote about an act of kindness? You can do an act of kindness just by going to and clicking on the pink window that reads Click Here to give it’s free. By doing this simple act of kindness, you will be helping women who can’t afford
mammograms to get them free of charge. Please, go to this site and click as much as you can. It costs you NOTHING. It is FREE to you. It does however, make a big difference. Thank-you in advance for all your clicks.